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The Academic Outreach Committee

aims to connect English students with other departments, minors, certificates, and opportunities that overlap with their intended degree(s). By doing this, the committee hopes to provide English students with an academic career that best fits their interests and post-grad goals.


  • Conduct research and collect information on academic programs and opportunities that overlap with the English degree. These programs and opportunities include, but aren’t limited to,

    • Indigenous Studies

    • World Literature and Languages

    • Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

    • Communications

    • Publishing

    • Creative Writing

    • Performance Studies

    • Writing & Rhetoric

    • Honours

    • The Peak Student Newspaper

    • Lyre Magazine

    • Writer-in-Residence

    • Other related classes/academic opportunities/student societies

  • Introduce English students to opportunities early in their degree through work with the First-Year Engagement Committee

  • Provide an information hub where students can ask questions and access information on these opportunities

  • Encourage collaborative events between the English department and related departments and programs

Membership: The Academic Outreach Committee aims for a 3–5 person membership.

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