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Black Advocacy Resources

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English Dept Black Lives Matter Reading List

The SFU English Department, with the help of SFU Publishing, has put together a list of American and Canadian publications by Black American and Canadian writers. Click the link to see the list. 

BC Community Alliance

From their website: "The BCCA is a community based organization dedicated to combating the structural inequities created by anti-black racism." The link below includes a blog, petitions, and links to donate. 

Hogan's Alley Society

From their website: "The Hogan’s Alley Society advocates for Black Vancouverites who have endured the legacies of urban renewal and their erasure from the official historical narrative." The Hogan's Alley Society have numerous civic projects underway.

Educate Yourself and Others

BLM Scholar Strike Teach-Ins

In September of 2020, BIPOC scholars across Canada staged a scholar strike teach-in: instead of teaching at their universities, they would host free online talks livestreamed on YouTube. Here is the full programme, including links to articles, resources, and more. 

The SFU Black Caucus

The SFU Black caucus is a coalition of Black students, alumni, faculty and staff across all Simon Fraser University campuses.


The SFU Students of Caribbean and African Ancestry was started in 1994 to bring together students of Black, African, and African Descent to promote the acceptance of the varied African Diasporic and Afro-Canadian culture at SFU. 

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