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Committees: Get involved with the ESU!


ESU committees are an opportunity for you to get involved with your student union without taking on an exec position!


Committees meet periodically throughout the term to work towards specific goals that help support English students and advance the ESU mandate.

The Academic Outreach Committee aims to connect English students with other departments, minors, certificates, and opportunities that overlap with their intended degree(s). By doing this... Read more

The Accessibility Advisory Committee ensures that ESU meetings, events, and platforms are accessible for all ESU students. We advocate for students... Read More.

The BIPOC committee seeks to create spaces for inclusion, involvement, and engagement for BIPOC students in the English Department. The BIPOC committee believes that creating spaces with... Read More

The First Year Engagement committee seeks to support first year English students as they transition to university. We also work with the Academic Outreach Committee to... Read More

The Social Advocacy committee uses the ESU’s platform to advocate for the many social and political issues in our current world. We work closely with the BIPOC committee to identify... Read More

The Sustainability committee works to ensure that ESU events and activities are carried out sustainably and that the ESU is acknowledging Indigenous rights, sovereignty... Read More

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